Strong Legs Workout

Something I am most noticed for are my strong quads, and people always ask me what I do for leg day. Well here’s a peak at one of my workouts! Try this on one of your leg days, and let me know how it goes!

I always warm-up with light cardio on the treadmill on incline or stairs, then myo-fascial release (foam rolling) to prepare the soft tissue for the workout. This takes about 10-15 minutes total. “x” = superset


  1. Front Squat
    12 reps | 4 sets
    I start with 2 warm-up sets without any weight on the bar. Then do 4 working sets, gradually adding weight after each set. My purpose is not to max, but do 50-75% of your max (a low to moderate weight)
  2. Narrow Leg Press
    8 reps | 4 sets
    I used an angled press with feet a little past hip-width, 80-85% max.
  3. Cable Pull-Throughs x Cable Squats
    8 x 10 reps | 4 sets
    I love supersets especially when trying to gain muscle mass. Pull-Throughs were heavy weight, Cable Squats were done at moderate weight.
  4. Abductors x Split Squats
    8 x 12 reps | 4 sets
    Go heavy on the abductors which helps your most neglected booty muscle: the gluteus medius. Feel free to add weight with your split squat. My legs were dead by this time so I just did bodyweight.
  5. Roman Deadlift
    12 reps | 4 sets
    Low to moderate weight. I started with a low weight then added weight after each set.