Depleted/Dehydrated/Zombie-Feels Free Prep

Is it too late for to post my Women Crush this week?! I’ve posted about her before (her 16 week post baby photo); I am so grateful to be in touch with someone so hardworking, real, and supportive. She recently shared this photo with me so I, of course, had to share in light of the show I am competing in this weekend. What I loved most, and admired more about the competition she competed in was the way she prepped. Yes, she looks BEAUTIFUL but more importantly, she didn’t have to diminish her health to get there. Many girls who compete in the bikini category become so depleted and “starved” if not trained the right way. Unfortunately, some even develop eating disorders/body dysmorphia.It is “normal” to feel depleted or like a zombie but Maree was able to use superfood nutrition, and an active lifestyle to get where she needed to be for her show. She had balance. She wasn’t starved, she had energy, she didn’t have the hormonal mood swings that we experience because she was able to do her show a HEALTHY way. For goodness sakes, she got to eat chocolates and drink the day of her show! 😂😍 Who doesn’t love that? 

Secret: She’s the one who helped me create these challenges I offer to help reboot your health based off what she did for her show. 


Road trip: Midway USA Championships

If you have been following me on my other social media handles (Instagram or Facebook), you would know I am competing in my first bikini competition tomorrow. It’s about a 3-hour drive from where I live, and I’ve got a hotel reserved from me and the hubby in Wichita, Kansas this weekend for this eventful experience (oh dear lord, pray I don’t fuck anything up!) I’ve never been to Wichita, let alone been on a road trip alone with my husband so pray he survives my 90’s to early 2000’s playlist, my snoring, and my car sickness – my mom can vouch how much I hate car rides!

I’ve always had a great following for my health and fitness lifestyle, but I haven’t been open about my progress, and received so many kind words from my friends and family. Before spontaneously prepping for this show:

Before prep
I weighed almost 160 pounds. I was 23% body fat at 5’1″. I was incredibly unhappy, because I had spent years and years and years in the gym and staying active and these numbers didn’t change after I gave birth to my two littles. I was tired of feeling fat, being bloated, and in this plateau. At one point after having my kids, I dropped down to 11% body fat but I was still unhappy – I still felt like I didn’t achieve anything. I would also add that I was completely unhealthy in how I lost all that fat.

I took 15 weeks to prep for this show, which is about a moderate amount of time; not too long, but not short time either. I was so worried I wouldn’t reach my goals, I was worried about winning. But wait. Why was I so worried about winning?

3 days ago
I already have. Ladies and gents… It took 15 weeks for me to lose 20 pounds. It took 15 weeks for me to lose 10% body fat. It took 15 weeks for my abs to show. It took 15 weeks for me to be comfortable in my skin again. I am happy with my 15 week progress, how is that not winning? I have all these goals I reached in just 15 weeks, so why would I go into this competition, my first competition, worried about a trophy? This competition, I am going to be in the mindset that I did all this shit and I accomplish this list of goals I’ve had since I was blessed with my two children. I’ve already won. I finally pushed my body, and saw what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be versus dreaming. I did it.

My experience with prepping for this show has taught me so much, and has changed my mindset on goal-setting. People keep dreaming, wishing, and talking and hardly any of them are working, doing, and achieving! My aesthetic goals were definitely a mental challenge; I had been a different mindset when I was not on prep (stuck in my plateaued state versus prep-state), and I hope anyone who has goals they want to achieve know that nothing is impossible. The only thing stopping you from your goals is your mindset.

Let’s Start, Again

Oh hey! So, I started a blog a few years back and stepped back from it, as many of us experience, life gets a head of us. But let’s start, again. Many of my friends and family know I love sharing, I am vulnerable at most. I am a story teller, and love hearing other peoples’ stories. I believe sharing is a way to begin trust, learn, and grow. That is why I love the idea of blogging.

Recently, I felt I have been able to blossom this dream I have dreamt for years; and I’ll give into that here soon but if you’re new to me and my wild ride of a life I suggest visiting my “About” section for a brief moment. You’ll get to know more of me! Promise.

This time I have created this blog to share my passion for Health and Fitness. I recently decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition, and it has opened my eyes up to so many things I did and did not know in the health and fitness industry. Let’s just say, I’ve grown a lot into this industry and I want nothing more but to help others’ achieve their goals as I have achieved mine. I will be sharing workout ideas and mini plans, recipes, and more.

So as I said, let’s start again.