Let’s Start, Again

Oh hey! So, I started a blog a few years back and stepped back from it, as many of us experience, life gets a head of us. But let’s start, again. Many of my friends and family know I love sharing, I am vulnerable at most. I am a story teller, and love hearing other peoples’ stories. I believe sharing is a way to begin trust, learn, and grow. That is why I love the idea of blogging.

Recently, I felt I have been able to blossom this dream I have dreamt for years; and I’ll give into that here soon but if you’re new to me and my wild ride of a life I suggest visiting my “About” section for a brief moment. You’ll get to know more of me! Promise.

This time I have created this blog to share my passion for Health and Fitness. I recently decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition, and it has opened my eyes up to so many things I did and did not know in the health and fitness industry. Let’s just say, I’ve grown a lot into this industry and I want nothing more but to help others’ achieve their goals as I have achieved mine. I will be sharing workout ideas and mini plans, recipes, and more.

So as I said, let’s start again.