Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! My name is Evy. I am currently11255842_10153374785059575_4593383161580411782_n 23 years old, and live in Kansas City with my husband, two kids, and our two pitbulls and teacup chihuahua. You can say my life is pretty busy, and never boring with a full house! Being a stay-at-home-mom is a lot more than what we all believe it to be (I swear, I hardly ever get to take a nap; and my house? Looks like a tornado ran through it 24/7!) But with how busy my life can be I want to point out that throughout my life, I had always had an active lifestyle.  My purpose is to give not only to my family, but to people I meet in life is to share the joy of health and wellness. I played soccer, and tennis throughout high school, and even maintained that after I gave birth to my two children.
As many know, being a young mom, and college student, and juggling finances could be incredibly stressful, and that took a toll on my physical health. I had a difficult time losing fat, and my weight always fluctuated – I was unhappy. I was depressed. I went from being a 120 pounds of cute to 160 pounds of stressed out chicken with her head cut off all the time. I wasn’t managing my health, and allowed the daily stresses of life get the best of me. For sometime I began to develop problems with my health; mentally and physically. I was binge eating due to my stress, then trying to relieve that stress and purge the binge/food by working out excessively or go into phases of starvation mentality.Over the past year, I have lightly shared my journey to becoming healthy mentally, 18268439_10155396375064575_3323892691546988270_nphysically, and emotionally; conquering my battles. I have pursued my dream to become a Personal Trainer, mentor, wellness coach, and motivator. Throughout my progresses in life, I have become mentally strong yet vulnerable, and am able to share and inspire others, to be confident in my body, and most importantly understanding how important it is to properly fuel your body to perform the way it was created to. I make it my mission to help women get healthier, get stronger and most importantly feel happy, beautiful and confident.

Thank you so much for stopping by my page. Stay tuned for more!

xoxo Evy


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